Episode 21

Published on:

24th Oct 2023

The Heartbeat of Compassion: A Nurse's Account of Open-Heart Surgery Care -21

Welcome back to another episode of The Heart Chamber Podcast, where we delve into the intricate world of cardiac care and the experiences of those who work tirelessly in this field. In today's special episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Christine Boev, a healthcare provider, mother, sister, daughter, and ICU nurse with a wealth of experience. As we embark on this insightful conversation, Christine shares her journey through the realms of nursing, from her early days as a novice nurse to her current role as the chair of an undergraduate nursing program. We'll also delve into the intense and emotional world of pediatric ICU nursing and the ethical dilemmas that arise when making life or death decisions. Get ready to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper appreciation for the dedicated professionals who navigate the complexities of the heart. So sit back, relax, and join us as we enter The Heart Chamber.

If you are looking for something specific - here's where you'll find it:

[04:01] Healthcare provider and mom shares nursing knowledge.

[06:28] What is the role of an ICU nurse?

[15:42] Why do you have so many wires after surgery?

[21:55] Multiple potential complications can occur during surgery.

[25:34] Care for babies to adulthood, including surgeries.

[26:52] Nursing children and supporting terrified parents.

[31:11] Transplant patients depend on worst days.

[39:17] ICU needs frequent monitoring for patient safety.

[41:44] Saving everyone, including those with no quality of life, is an ethical dilemma for care providers

A Little More About Today's Guest

Dr. Christine Boev is an ICU nurse and professor of nursing with extensive training and research in anti-aging, health, fitness, and wellness. She is a health coach who works with clients to become the best version of themselves. By precisely calculating macro-nutrients related to their overall goals, Dr. Boev works one-on-one with clients to achieve optimal health outcomes. She has particular expertise in nutrition, supplementation strategies, and strength training. In addition, Dr. Boev is a devout Yogi who believes that mobility is the key to health, especially as we age.

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Instagram: @drchristineboev

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