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4th Jun 2024

Open Heart Surgery with Boots Trailer

"Open Heart Surgery with Boots" is a podcast hosted by Boots Knighton, a heart patient turned advocate. Boots shares her personal journey, addressing the fears and triumphs faced by heart surgery patients. Each episode dives into the human side of heart health, featuring stories from medical professionals and resilient patients. Listeners can expect insights, guidance, and inspiration through real-life experiences. The podcast focuses on the highs and lows of heart surgery, aiming to support and uplift those navigating this challenging journey. Subscribe to hear transformative stories of courage, hope, and the power of community, all from a heart patient’s perspective. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a REVIEW.

Find Boots at Suzanne Boots Knighton (@boots.knighton) • Instagram photos and videos AND Open Heart Surgery with Boots (@openheartsurgerywithboots) • Instagram photos and videos


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About the Podcast

Open Heart Surgery with Boots
A podcast for heart patients by a heart patient
Formerly called The Heart Chamber Podcast, Open Heart Surgery with Boots airs every Tuesday for conversations on open-heart surgery from the patient perspective. Boots Knighton explores the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences of surgery with fellow heart patients and health care providers. This podcast aims to help patients feel less overwhelmed so you can get on with living your best life after surgery. You not only deserve to survive open-heart surgery, you deserve to THRIVE!
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