Episode 53

Published on:

4th Jun 2024

Mitral Valve Replacement and Overcoming ALCAPA: the quest to never waste a second

New name, same podcast!

At seven weeks old, Emily Falcon had a heart attack and was diagnosed with anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery (ALCAPA). This led to two open-heart surgeries, one at age six and another at age thirty-five. She loves travel and animals, both of which have helped her get through difficult times. While living a constrained life, Emily has sought out adventures whenever she can, such as trekking up volcanoes to observe mountain gorillas in Uganda, volunteering with cheetahs and baboons in Namibia, playing with wolves at the Arctic Circle, and eating with orangutans in Singapore. She is now an athlete who participates in a weekly run club and runs in 5K races throughout the year. She hopes to inspire others who have health limitations to never waste a moment and not let life pass them by. Emily Falcon lives in Massachusetts. She can be emailed at dont.waste.a.second.press@gmail.com.



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Formerly called The Heart Chamber Podcast, Open Heart Surgery with Boots airs every Tuesday for conversations on open-heart surgery from the patient perspective. Boots Knighton explores the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences of surgery with fellow heart patients and health care providers. This podcast aims to help patients feel less overwhelmed so you can get on with living your best life after surgery. You not only deserve to survive open-heart surgery, you deserve to THRIVE!
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