Episode 38

Published on:

20th Feb 2024

The Power of Positive Visualization for Healing from Heart Surgery -38

Join Boots Knighton on The Heart Chamber Podcast, where she shares inspiring insights on overcoming fear and cultivating a positive mindset for healing. In this episode, Boots discusses the transformative power of visualization, drawing from personal experiences with heart surgery and injury recovery. Discover how athletes, alongside Boots, use mental imagery to gear up for success and how this technique can speed up healing. Boots' experience with a concussion during her time as a ski instructor and the challenge posed by a heart condition emphasizes resilience and positive thinking. Tune in for hope and advice on facing health hurdles with optimism, and share your stories with us. Don't forget to leave a review and spread the word!

The teachers Boots references in the episode are:

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Belleruth Naparstek

If you are looking for something specific - here's where you'll find it:

06:11 How Boots overcame a devastating TBI, relearned how to ski and visualized skiing exam success, achieving a top score.

07:49 Boots received a surprise award nomination, but then, heart surgery happened leading to an uncertain future in ski instruction. Nevertheless, she was proud of the moment and the visualization got her through the heart surgery.

13:26 Visualizing health, positivity, and recovery before heart surgery.

16:14 Focusing on positivity reduces stress for better health.

20:10 When in doubt, seek a 2nd opinion, call a therapist, visualize a positive outcome for your situation.

21:58 Boots briefly speaks about breaking her leg but remains optimistic.

26:49 Now, she is visualizing strength, surgery, recovery.

Boots Knighton has been an educator since the late 1990s in all facets of education including high school science, middle school mathematics, elementary reading, college level ecology, ski instruction, backpacking, and experiential education. Her greatest teacher has been her heart thanks to a surprise diagnosis in 2020 (during the pandemic) of three different congenital heart defects. She is now thriving after her open-heart surgery on January 15, 2021 and is on a mission to raise awareness through her podcast, The Heart Chamber: patient stories of open-heart surgery and recovery, that heart surgery can be an incredible opportunity to begin again in life and live life wide open.

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